Building Safety Systems

During construction of telecommunications facilities various types of systems are installed whose main goal is to improve the safety of the facility.

As part of the service we offer installation, maintenance and service:

Technical television system (or video surveillance system) allows to track technical status of specific areas of the building, as well as events in the areas controlled by it. In addition, all events seen by the cameras can be recorded using the data recording systems, so they can be later completely analyzed.

ENERGO-TEL builds its solutions based on the equipment from companies:  Bosch, Samsung, Siemens.

  •  Access Control System (ACS)

These systems are usually connected with intruder alarm systems. Allow to control and restrict access to persons not entitled to stay in the building or part thereof. Systems located outside of the building are designed to provide the control of gates and parking places and to limit access to designated places.
ENERGO-TEL offers projects based on solutions from Honeywell.

  • Working times  recording systems

This system is designed to register and automatic billing working times.

  • The intruder alarm systems

This system is the set of technologies designed to effectively minimize the risks on the protected object. The system is based on detectors that detect motion, breakage of glass in the windows of the protected areas, infrared radiation or sound waves into areas of their operation. A signal is transmitted to the emergency services facility.

These projects we realize based on solutions from Honeywell.


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