Fiber optic networks

Fiber due to the phenomenon of attenuation and resistance to external electromagnetic fields is currently the best transport medium used in modern telecommunication.

Optical fibers that make up the fiber is classified according to their diameter, attenuation, dispersion, refractive index changes in the range and number of run modes - ray beam. Due to the possibility of light transmission of one or more modes optical fibers can be divided into single-mode and multimode. Single-mode fibers allow to transmit signals over long distances in excess of 100 km. Multimode fibers due to more than twice the optical signal attenuation are used to transmit data over short distances. In order to enable sending more and more information in a single fiber currently is used a method of increasing the "fiber capacity", involving the transmission of a number of "rays with different colors of light" (wavelength) using a single-mode fiber. This technology is called wave WDM multiplexing.

Fiber-optic networks are ideal in areas:
- Transcontinental network,
- Wide area networks and local
- Intercollegiate network,
- Industrial networks,
- Internet access and telecommunications services,
- Data link
- Subscriber Services,
- Cable TV,
- Remote monitoring and alerting,
- Transmission media

In these areas ENERGO-TEL offers services such as:

  • design and construction of fiber optic networks in telecommunication sewer, pipes cables micro telecommunication sewer,
  • operation of the existing fiber optic lines, fault and overhead (power lines),
  • measurements of the properties of transmission paths,
  • breakdown removal of fiber optic cables,
  • periodic technical maintenance (service) of fiber lines
  • precise location of cable routes,
  • air blowing fiber optic cables for telecommunication sewer using modern device 

Using our competences and experience we prepare complete documentation of the entire telecommunication network design.

Our specialist teams equipped with professional fiber optic equipment are prepared to carry out the tasks related to the construction and operation of the network.
We also have extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of fiber optic lines associated with the transmission, overhead power line in technologies like:

  • OPGW - (Optical Ground Wire) - fiber optic associated with the lightning cable of power line;
  • ADSS - (All Dielectric Self Supporting Cable) - dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cables suspended between the power line poles;
  • ADL - (All Dielectric Lashed Cable) - dielectric fiber optic cables associated with the power line wires with a special braid of Kevlar thread;
  • MASS - (Metallic Areal Self Supporting Cable) - the use of ADSS solution in OPGW technology (steel braid fibers);
  • SKY WRAP - dielectric fiber optic cable wrapped around a work lighting conductor of power line;
  • OPPC - (Optical Phase Conductor) - fibers linked with the power line phase conductor,

The last 3 technologies can currently be found in the Polish energy sector in negligible quantities.

Measurements performed by ENERGO-TEL  related to telecommunication networks:

- reflectometric measurement of fibre optics

- measurement of polarization mode dispersion and chromatic dispersion

- measurements of optical power



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