Measurements of LAN and associated infrastructure

Constantly and regularly performed wiring diagnostics, and rapid detection of possible faults, is an important element of an efficient network environment. All faults appearing, having a crucial impact on the performance LAN, its stability, speed and quality of data and connections, can be easily eliminated by wiring measurements carried out systematically.

Measurements of LAN cabling

In order to verify the correctness of the new installation and operation of existing LAN we perform dynamic measurements. ENERGO-TEL has a modern tester Lantek II - 1000MHz from IDEAL Industries company, for inventory and certification of structured cabling category 5E/6/6A/7/7A ISO-D/E/Ea/F/Fa class. Tester also performs testing of the industrial (Industrial Ethernet) and coaxial cables.

LANTEK II device

LANTEK II device

LANTEK II tester was approved by the measurement of global suppliers and manufacturers of cables, which worth of mentioning are such giants as 3M, KRONE, AMP / TYCO, ICC, ITT, MOLEX, R & M, SCHRACK, and many others. 

Measurements of associated infrastructure

Supporting (associated) infrastructure of telecommunication networks are devices whose duty is to maintain the smooth functioning of the telecommunication network. Associated infrastructure includes, among others: uninterruptible power supply systems, air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection systems and other low-current installations.

ENERGO-TEL provides measurement services for associated infrastructure in the scope of:

Installed batteries in telecommunication facilities must ensure to telecommunication devices continuity of energy supply. In the scope of our services we offer measurements and tests of power supply batteries, allowing to determine their current volume. A typical power supply works with at least two batteries with a capacity of 100 Ah to 000 Ah 3.

  •  measurements of electrical and lightning installations

Measuring and testing the electrical and lightning installation are carried out in order to assess their condition in terms of both safety and operational reliability. The results of tests are important information in deciding whether to introduce a system to use, to extend the period of its operation or obligation to carry out certain repairs or even withdraw it from the use.
Performed by ENERGO-TEL measurements are confirmed each time by relevant documentation. Collected results accurately and unambiguously determine whether the installation complies with the safety standards imposed by law.



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