Measurements of transmission signals

Measurement of transmission signals can identify and diagnose the correctness of signals carrying the data stream between endpoints and their parameters.

All of the following measurements are made on the basis of modules FTB-200 platform, the FTB-1, AXS-850 and VF qualifier cable/DSL-CableSHARK.

Measurement and testing transmission signals PDH/SDH to the rate of <2 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s

For each type of telecommunication network specialized measurements are required depending on the purpose and object of testing. For networks PDH/SDH can be provided several types of tests groups, viewing the different areas of the network, among which can be distinguished:

  • accuracy of mapping tests PDH signals into SDH transport modules,
  • performance measurement and testing embedded software alerts,
  • essential measurements to determine signal quality or bit error rate (BER) of the signal transmission,
  • efficiency measurements of physical contact, optical and electrical network
  • measurements of phase fluctuations: rapidly changing (jitter) and extremely low frequency (wander)
  • measurement systems and clock synchronization,
  •  test management system.

Held by ENERGO-TEL compact modular platform FTB-1, FTB-200 equipped with a specialized test modules allows to execute a series of tests and analyzes necessary for the proper operation of the systems PDH/SDH and its work on:

  • installation, implementation and maintenance of transmission devices,
  • startup circuit (links and services) data PDH and SDH
  • monitoring of PDH and SDH circuits,
  • analyze the problems in the transmission network.

Used by ENERGO-TEL PDH/SDH analyzer allows to test such a signals like  STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 on optical interfaces, test signals E1 (2M), E2 (8M), E3 (34M), STM-1 (140M) on the electrical interfaces and analysis of the structure of signals.

We also have specialized testers Datacom allowing measurements of bit rates below 2Mb / s on pins V.35, X.21/V.11, RS232/V.24, RS449/V.36.

Measurement of Ethernet transmission

The increasing demand for the provision and combination of IT services caused the spread of transmission standard of specialized signal, which is Ethernet. With the spread of this standard, growth of the speed of and the implementation of its quality control methods (QoS) has become a necessity to conduct its analysis and measurement.

Our specialists use the FTB-200 platform and testers AXS-850 with RJ-45 electrical and optical interface. These devices in addition to RFC 2544 measurements also allow BERT over IP testing, Smart Loopback, Ping, TraceRoute and basic cable measurements. Testers contain a set of useful functions for installation, commissioning and maintenance of Ethernet networks:

  • user defined test procedures RFC-2544,
  • measuring bit error rate (BERT) for layer 4,
  • basic tests Ethernet cables from Category 3 to Category 6e,
  • intelligent, automated network structure simplifies the analysis of a loopback test,
  • configurable VLAN with an option to Q-in-Q,
  • options: QoS, ToS and Diffserv,
  • indication of the correctness of the results (Pass/Faille) using LEDs.

Tester can measure the bandwidth:
- Electrical interface 10Mb / s, 100Mb / s, 1000Mb / s,
- Optical interface 100Mb / s, 1000Mb / s

The results of measurements of delay GbE by RFC 2544

The results of measurements of delay GbE by RFC 2544

Measurements of signal transmission in copper cables

Copper cable is one of the most widely used transmission media in telecommunications - LAN/WAN, telephony analog, Ethernet transmission, data transmission, etc.
Owned by ENERGO-TEL  a special qualifier CableSHARK P3 VF cable/DSL allows to specify the possibility of using copper lines in xDSL technology. We make measurements including  noise measurements, prediction rate tests (ADSL, SHDSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2 +), the test line imbalance, and power spectral density test and measurement of the current in the loop.

This qualifier is an indispensable tool in the maintenance and repair of copper lines.


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