Organizational culture

The culture of our organization was built during many years of the presence on the market when we created, developed and normalized current rules. Today we are the Company that stands out for its individual character and atmosphere filling in each day our duties and responsibilities.

Our Strategy

ENERGO-TEL S.A. is specializes in comprehensive maintenance and construction of telecommunications  nationwide networks.

According to the assumptions in force since June 2012,our concentrates on services, where it has the greatest competence - service, operation and construction of telecommunications networks in Poland.

Our Mission

The Company's Mission is professional care and ensurance of stable and reliable operation of the telecommunications infrastructure of our Clients. We have a common goal to build a strong enterprise taking an active part in the process of expansion and development of universal access to modern ICT solutions for business.

Corporate Vision

Our aim is to become a Leader in the service of PGE Capital Group Companies telecommunications infrastructure and we seek to achieve a significant position in the service for the telecommunications networks operators and cable TV companies in Poland.

Human Capital

Since the beginning the Company the main pillar of it were the employees and their competences, commitment, teamwork and focus on Customers service. In the recruitment process, during conversations with the candidates, we take into account not only their skills, but also openness, honesty and readiness for changes, which are taking place in the company and the business environment. We believe that not just an education, but also the personality of the employee, is an important element in building an effective organization and friendly atmosphere every day.

Today ENERGO-TEL is more than 110 employees that continually increase their knowledge by participation in trainings tailored to the nature of their work and performed duties. In addition, to all of our employees, we offer a package of benefits, including among others free medical care, and a card to sport and recreation facilities on preferential terms.

Our values

Awareness of Employees and Customers - without Customers and Employees, the Company would have no purpose for which it is worth to exist.

Team Unity - only together we can achieve the stated objectives.

Independence and Responsibility in Action - we know that our work has a significant impact on the final quality of the services provided by our Customers to the final users. Only through the consistent operation of each of the "links" that we are, we can build one compact image of the Company.

Commitment and Flexibility - it is important to respond appropriately to the Customers needs and ongoing adjustment to the changes in everyday business relationships.

Knowledge and Competence - not only ourselves, but most of all our Customers, have the guarantees of security and high quality of work that we perform.


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