Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the wiring installed inside the building which is an universal solution to fulfill all the requirements of potential users.

Wiring  integrates many separate and diverse communications systems such as telephone, packet, computer, cable, industrial surveillance and automated control and monitoring.

It consists of the following components:

  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Vertical Cabling
  • Points of distribution: buildings and stories

In the works carried out by ENERGO-TEL experts well-known suppliers products are used, allowing to maintain full compliance of the installation with the Polish and European standards. Our employees are certified designers and installers of such systems as: Krone, R &M; Molex, AMP, emitter and 3M.

Electrical wiring (dedicated backup power)

The structural cabling is closely related to backup power supply system, which ensures continuous operation of devices in the system. ENERGO-TEL has professionals with knowledge, skills and qualifications for the construction of such facilities.

Points of Distribution

ENERGO-TEL offers comprehensive services for the construction, remodeling, service and administration of the various types of Points of Distribution, server rooms and Data Center.


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