About the Company

ENERGO-TEL SA is since 1997 an expert in providing comprehensive services related to the construction, operation and maintenance of telecom networks and nodes in Poland.

Since its inception, the Company provided services in the construction of telecommunication infrastructure - in the first stage it were the optic tracts. In 2000-2002, the Company was strongly involved in the work on the expansion of electricity measuring system for the energy market.

In 2003, the Company enlarged the activity on maintenance of telecommunication network services for Tel-Energo SA (now EXATEL SA) in the line of ground and aerial fiber, active devices and technical infrastructure connection nodes. At the same time ENERGO-TEL began providing certification services.

A year later, the Company's offer has been extended to building switching networks service and in 2006 to the offer was introduced a new service for performance of electrical and telecommunication installations in intelligent buildings. In 2009, the range of services provided by ENERGO-TEL in telecommunication infrastructure has been expanded with the construction and maintenance of radio relay systems.
Since then, the company operates in the market in its current form, offering solutions tailored to the needs of the Customers.


fibre network build, server rooms, telecommunication devices