Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations is a group of electrical devices (wires, circuit breakers and breakers, fuses, measuring equipment, etc.), designed to bring electricity from the public grid to individual receivers (sockets, lighting points or permanently connected collection devices).

ENERGO-TEL offers its customers construction, operation, measurement and service of:

  • power connections
  • internal power supply lines of basic and guaranteed voltage
  • internal receiver circuits
  • lighting installations
  • switchgear and distribution boards

As part of the work ENERGO-TEL uses products of well-known suppliers: LEGRAND, SCHRACK, HAGER, MOELLER, Schneider Electrics, Siemens, ABB, APC, Telzas, Eltek, Eaton, GE Electrics, etc.


specialist in fibre optic solutions and networks, radio networks and telco devices