Radio networks and radio links

Radioline is a system of devices used to transmit and receive analog or digital radio transmissions. In areas where it is difficult to build a cable line, allowing the transmission of telecommunication signals ENERGO-TEL offers a complete building service of radio network like point -to- point and point -to- multipoint (multiple access).

In the scope of our services in construction and operation of a radio network, we provide:

  • specific radio visions, which include the preparation of the list of objects (the Client and the node side), determine the location of the object, make all necessary arrangements for both the owner and administrator of the object, define the parameters of the facility and the bay (bay direct with mirror mode), the preparation of detailed photographic documentation of the object, including in case of feasibility of the link (confirmed visibility), place of aerial assembly, cable route to the server room and establishment of administrative requirements, such as fees or executive project.
  • performing new radioline installations (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint), which include: supply and installation of support structures for aerials (aerial brackets, poles standing), installation of aerials on structures and visa, installing external modules ODU (Outdoor Unit), performance of cable routes (RG-8, CNT-400), installation of internal modules IDU (Indoor Unit) in telecommunication cabinets 19", configuration and commissioning of radio lines, transmission measurements, as-built design documentation,
  • operation and maintenance of installed equipment
  • removal of radio-system failures

ENERGO-TEL has many years of experience in the installation and operation of equipment from companies like: Ericsson, DMC Stratex, Sagem, Alvarion, Alcatel-Lucent, Aperto, Airspan, Vecta Star.


specialist in fibre optic solutions and networks, radio networks and telco devices