New image of ENERGO-TEL

As the result of running during the last months of intensive works on new presetation of ENERGO-TEL we created a new image of the Company, which has more than ever, distinguished our specialization and the nature of business.

In addition to the familiar logo was attached to the slogan "Connecting with energy," which simply shows our connection to the telecommunication and energy industry. Stanislaw Szuder, President ENERGO-TEL SA: "We want our customers to introduce ourselves as people who every day with the" energy "and passion" join "Poland through professional performance of all of our services. Along with this we have created a password and a key image, placed both on our new website and new advertising materials. The main purpose of these changes is to show us as a comprehensive operating through whole Poland, modern enterprise, specializing in the telecommunications industry in the area of operation and construction of telecommunication networks. We also want to point out that we are a company in which continually we are making changes, allowing to keep pace with increasing demands of telecommunications market. Conducted marketing activities have contrived to make us more visible for the Customers - thus prepared a new look, a modern new website and promotional materials. I believe that the changes made in the Company will soon bring the benefits for all of us."

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