Depending on the size of the physical and geographical area, throughput and transmission of used medium LAN/WAN/WLAN networks create the so-called access network.

Basic access networks are usually built using copper and fiber, but due to the increasing need for mobility solutions of telecommunication access, there is a need to use WLAN - wireless local area network.
WLANs use radio waves in the microwave range. These networks are distinguished by high mobility and ease of installation, expansion and modification. The key disadvantage is the relatively low quality of transmission associated with low resistance to external interference in the electromagnetic fields from other WLANs.

ENERGO-TEL experts perform the following services:

  • design and construction of LAN/WAN/LAN, including advice on the choice of topology, the necessary bandwidth, configuration and deployment of the necessary equipment,
  • supply, installation and operation of active and passive devices LAN/WAN/WLAN key producers,
  • structured cabling construction with a separate power supply and distribution points,
  • network administration,
  • inventory and certification of structured cabling.

specialist in fibre optic solutions and networks, radio networks and telco devices